Friday, August 21, 2009

Praying for your pastor

I came across a post by Ligon Duncan, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. I could not say it better myself. Some who read this blog are members of the congregation I serve as Pastor. If that is you, I could not do better in listing my requests for you to pray for me. If you are a member of another congretation, I encourage you to pray these prayers for your Pastor every week ... or better yet, every day.

Because I have a congregation that loves me more than I deserve, I am often asked by them: "how can I pray for you?" I've tried to put some thought into how I answer that question. So, maybe these ideas will help you pray for your pastor, or tell others how they can pray for you.

Pray -

1. That [your pastor] would know and love the living God, would have a saving interest in Christ, being purchased by His blood, and thus would be bound to the Lord by the indissoluble bond of the Holy Spirit.

2. That [your pastor] would know, embrace and ever more deeply understand the Gospel and be shaped by it in life and ministry.

3. That [your pastor] would be useful servant of the Lord, that he would know and love God's word, God's people, and God's kingdom; that he would be used to build it up and so that it prevails even against Hell's gates.

4. That [your pastor] would study, practice and teach the Word of the Lord, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
5. That [your pastor] would love to pray, because he loves to commune with his God, and that he would be a man of prayer, characteristically.

6. That [your pastor] would be ever dependent upon and filled with the Spirit; and that he would possess true Spiritual wisdom.
7. That [your pastor] would be holy unto the Lord. That his tongue and heart would be wholly God's.

8. That [your pastor] would be kept from pride, and especially spiritual pride. That the Lord himself would be gracious to slay pride in him, and that your pastor would endeavor to always be putting pride to death, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

9. That God would give [your pastor] guidance as to where to focus his efforts in ministry.
10. That He would protect [your pastor] from himself, from the enemy of his soul, and from all earthly enemies.

11. That no decision which [your pastor] ever makes or desire that [your pastor] ever pursues would restrict his ability to pour his whole soul into the Gospel ministry.

12.That many would be converted and many built up under [your pastor]'s ministry, to God's glory alone.

13. That the Lord would bless [your pastor]'s wife, [. . . ], with holiness and happiness, Gospel assurance and Gospel rest.

14. That God would make [your pastor] a decent husband and father.

15. That [your pastor] would be a good friend to his wife, and love her self-sacrificially,

16. That [your pastor] would be a good daddy to his children. That they would love God, their parents and the church.
17. That [your pastor] would be a testimony in the home so that his wife might be able to respect him when he is in the pulpit, and so that [your pastor] will be able to feed her soul, along with the rest of the congregation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have had several questions since last Sunday’s message about dinosaurs. Did they really exist? Didn’t they supposedly predate man?

Let me give a few brief answers. As I stated in my message, I would be considered a “young earth” guy. In other words, I do not believe the earth to be billions or even millions of years old as evolutionists or even theistic evolutionists believe it to be. I won’t go into detail here. I believe the earth to be somewhere between 6000 and 10,000 years old, based on geneologies found in Genesis 5 and 11. You can hear my comments on this from this past Sunday’s message on the podcast if you would like. But I did not address the issue of dinosaurs.

I will say up front that yes, I do believe there were animals we refer to as dinosaurs that once lived on the earth. And I believe Scripture bears this out. We have some Hebrew terms that are translated as “Behemoth” and “Leviathan”.

The word “behemoth” is found in Job 40:15-24. It is even described in detail to eat grass like an ox, the tail is like a cedar tree, the bones are bronze tubes and his limbs are like iron rods. Some translations will translate this “elephant” or “hippopotamus”. But with the discoveries made today of the various bone structures, we can easily see what was being described in Job 40 as a type of dinosaur.

The Leviathan has the following description in Job 41, Psalm 104:25-26, and Isaiah 27. He is described as a twisting serpent and the monster that is in the sea. This animal has limbs and a double layer of armor, horrific teeth, and scales. You can read more in these passages. It is not a stretch at all to see this to be a sea monster. And this will test your belief in God’s Word … this animal snorts “flashes with light” (flames) and “flaming torches shoot from his mouth”. Sounds a lot like a fire breathing dragon of some type that lived at sea.

I don’t make the news, I just report it .

Well, didn’t they live millions or billions of years ago? Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer has discovered soft blood vessels, proteins, and various blood cells inside fossilized dinosaur bones. It is well established in the scientific community that such biological structures and molecules should not last more than a few tens of thousands of years. And it is not possible for them to last millions of years.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am living my dream ...

Growing up, I can remember only two things I seriously wanted to do the rest of my life. First and foremost, I wanted to coach basketball. John Wooden was my hero (yes, I'm that old). At a young age, I was amazed at how he could take such a variety of personalities and skill sets and blend them into a true team which consistently won championships.

But if I could not be a coach, I wanted to be an attorney. Actually, I didn't want to be an attorney as much as I just wanted to make the closing arguments. I guess I watched too much Perry Mason during my early years, but I just loved to watch how the attorneys would close out the case.

It had not dawned on me until this morning, that I am getting to live out my childhood dreams as a pastor. God did not call me to be a coach or an attorney. But, as a Pastor I have the opportunity to coach a great team of staff and volunteer leadership team ... trying to blend personalities and skill sets. Oh, and did I mention the worship room in which I speak every week is also a gym, with lines on the floor and everything?! How cool is that! And in many ways, I get to make the most significant closing arguments one could make every week. These closing arguments are not to put some criminal behind bars or to gain my client a settlement in a law suit. Rather, there are people seated in that room every Sunday whose life hangs in the balance as I have the privilege of sharing the Gospel with them.

I am living my dream!